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Brand: Blackroll
Category: Foam Roller


The BLACKROLL® BLACKBOX MED includes all the important tools for an effective myofascial full-body workout. This multifunctional set includes four different products and is perfect for massaging specific regions of the body.

Fascia and their influence on health and well-being are an important topic in medical research. With the BLACKROLL® BLACKBOX MED, you get all the important tools in a single set, and benefit from a sensational price. With 20% lower hardness, the BLACKROLL® MED foam roller allows a softer self-myofascial treatment – just the thing for gentle use in therapy, for example, for people with lower body weight or simply when you want a less intensive massage.

  • Multifunctional set for myofascial self-massage
  • Sensational combination price
  • Can be used on the table, on the floor, or against the wall
  • Please note: We recommend against doing balance exercises while standing on this roller.
  • We recommend using this roller only up to a body weight of 75 kg. Heavier people can reinforce the roller with two BLACKROLL® MINIS.


This multifunctional set consists of a BLACKROLL® MED white/pink, a BLACKROLL® MINI pink, a BLACKROLL® BALL 08 pink, and a BLACKROLL® DUOBALL 08 pink, and is just the thing for addressing the back muscles and other areas of the body. With the BLACKROLL® MED, you can roll out the entire body. The BLACKROLL® MINI is outstanding for specific massage of the feet, as well as the legs or arms. With the BLACKROLL® BALL 08, you can massage points in different parts of the body like (upper) arms, the neck, shoulders, and also feet, calves, and the Achilles tendons. The BLACKROLL® DUOBALL 08 is ideal for massaging the back, as well as the neck and spinal column and the Achilles tendons. BLACKROLL® products can be used on the floor, against a wall, or on a table.

Scope of Delivery:

  • 1 x BLACKROLL® MED white/pink  
  • 1 x BLACKROLL® MINI pink
  • 1 x BLACKROLL® BALL 08 pink  
  • 1 x BLACKROLL® DUOBALL 08 pink
  • 1 x BLACKROLL® DVD  

Product Information:

  • Environmentally friendly, energy-saving production
  • Up to 100% recyclable material
  • Free of propellant gases
  • Free of other chemical propellants 

Size & Weight:

  • 10 in x 6 in x 12.2 cm, 1.3 lb


  • Odor-free
  • Not soluble in water
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to sterilize 

Made in Germany:

  • The highest product quality
  • Product protected by trademark
  • Quality management in compliance with DIN ISO 9001:2000 


How to Use Med Set:



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