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Amrita Mental Energizer Roll-On Relief With Essential Oils 1 oz- Active Life USA


Amrita’s Mental Energizer is a blend of essential oils designed to enliven your mind and body, giving you the energy you need to get through times of exhaustion and stress. Distilled Lime has a sweet, candy-like aroma that gives the blend its calming and sedating effects while simultaneously reducing mental fatigue or apathy.

Yellow Lemon is also known as an antidepressant; it gives energy while stimulating mental clarity and concentration. Although Peppermint is a completely different type of scent than Yellow Lemon, it has something in common with Lemon: They both stimulate the same area of the brain, the central hippocampus, and they both help with memory loss and lapses. Ginger is also energizing to the brain, stimulating memory and mental clarity. This blend is truly spectacular, and both students and professionals swear it gives them the edge they need to excel. You can feel the effects instantly simply by rolling it on the temple area that surrounds the brain, as well as the pulse points. The cooling sensation on the skin and resulting wide-awake feeling seem to occur simultaneously.

• Try Amrita’s Mental Energizer to give you the extra boost you need for mental fatigue!
• Designed to deliver the mental Energy wherever needed
• Mental Energizer’s ingredients will help reduce mental fatigue and provide mental clarity.
• Roll on where you feel the lack of energy. As well as temples, pulse points, and under the nose.
• 100% Natural & 85% Organic, Animal Cruelty Free, Made in the USA, Shop now for your mental energy


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