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Amrita Lime Deodorant with Therapeutic Essential Oils 4 oz


Keep the odor at bay naturally with Amrita's Lime Deodorant minimizing and neutralizing the body odors by eliminating odor-causing bacteria. Naturally regulating your body temperature for minimal perspiration, but without the use of pore-clogging antiperspirants such as aluminum and zinc salts and other metallic compounds. PARABENS FREE without the artificial fragrances. Colorless and blended with a mixture of Amrita’s PUREST Essential Oils which leave behind NO RESIDUE and are NON-STAINING yet you still get that spectacular REFRESHING SCENT that lasts all day!

• Minimizes and neutralizes body odors by eliminating odor-causing bacteria at its source!
• 100% Natural! Parabens FREE, No aluminum or Zinc Salts, NO metallic compounds!
• Allows natural sweating but without the odor and clogged pores!
• With the Natural lime scent it can be used either as a personal deodorant or an air freshener
• 100% Natural *Cruelty FREE * NO Animal testing*GMO FREE* Made in the USA


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