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ActiveLife Ortho 4D Pain Relieving Gel- Active Life USA

Category: Muscle Care

ActiveLife Ortho 4D Pain Relieving Gel 6 OZ

Used for temporary relief from minor aches and pains of sore muscles and joints associated with arthritis pain, backache, strains and sprains.

  • Greaseless
  • Non-staining formula 
  • Spreads evenly without clumping
  • Goes on cool, then warms the treated area for soothing relief 
  • Recommended for pre- and post-exercise application to reduce swelling and stiffness

Active Ingredients:

Menthol 3.5%:

When applied topically to the skin, menthol produces a cooling sensation. Menthol does not lower the temperature of the body or skin. Instead, it produces a cooling effect by blocking the calcium current along the nerves responsible for detecting temperature.

Camphor 0.2%:

Applied topically, camphor relieves pain and reduces itching. Camphor is used to increase local blood flow and reduce pain and swelling by causing irritation.


Apply to the affected areas not more than three (3) to four (4) times a day. Rinse hands with cool water. after application.


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