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      HighBaller Gel Stick Wall Mount - Pack Of 3

      Thousands of people have used HighBaller to find comfort and improve their performance. And now, we've designed a way to make it even better, faster and more enjoyable. HighBaller now comes with a reusable wall mount, so you can mount your HighBaller on any wall, and apply just the amount of pressure needed. You can now move it to different locations for a hands-free massage.


          1. Remove plastic. Stick the gel pad to the base of the HighBaller.
          2. Remove the second piece of plastic and stick it to your wall of preference.
          3. Make sure the adjustable pins on the HighBaller are facing upwards for proper placement.
          4. Enjoy your massage! Target your neck and back muscles for deep tissue, hands-free experience.
          5. When removing from the wall, pull from the top of the base slowly.
          6. Re-apply the plastic pieces to both sides of the gel pad to safely store for later use.

          How To Use Gel Stick Wall Mount: