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      ActiveLife standing floor mat in 3 colors and 3 sizes, featuring paten ended Sp1ke technology for supreme balance and comfort Sp1ke is an incredibly versatile structural science for cushioning, that remarkably improves comfort, wellness and protection. Wherever we sit, stand or lay – at work rest or play, Sp1ke provides a collection of unique and unrivaled products. Activelife Standing Mats are bringing you Sp1ke Technology in affordable, easy to use, and durable standing mats.

      Activelife Spike Standing Mats are waterproof, antimicrobial, easy to clean, durable and can be used just about anywhere! Think of any place you want to spend just a few minutes (or maybe even all day!) standing comfortably. Think of any place you want to take a few moments to relax, rejuvenate, and awaken your senses. Think of any place you just want to squeeze in a great foot massage! That's the place you can use your mat!