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      Why is a good posture important?

      Your body posture affects body language, mood and results. Good posture increases your well being and decreases stress level, while you strengthen back and core muscle.

      • Posture Flexi is a kind reminder that improves your posture.
      • It’s a harness that reminds rather than supports your muscles. Wear your Posture Flexi with a loose fit, so it only tightens if you slouch, which encourages you to straighten up.
      • Flexi has a Velcro strap that makes it easy to put on, take off and adjust while wearing it. Flexi gives you a low intense training while you’re doing other things. It’s comfortable and discrete and can be worn every day during the training session or at the office.

      User Guide Posture Flexi:

      • Posture Flexi is a harness and should be worn 1-3 hours at the time.
      • Wear your Posture Flexi with a loose fit so it only tightens when you relax your core and slouch. It encourages you to straighten up.
      • Posture Flexi has a regulating strap to ensure a perfect fit and is easy to put on, adjust and take off.
      • Posture Flexi gives you low intense posture training while you’re doing other things.
      • With Posture Flexi on, it’s more comfortable to straighten up than to slouch.
      • Relieves tension, stress and stiff shoulders.
      • Wear your Posture Flexi over a vest or t-shirt.
      • Can be washed at Warm Temperature.
      Swedish Posture Flexi Size Guide