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      Swedish Posture Feminine Shoulder Support:

      Support that guarantees improved posture for a more confident look. It decreases upper back pain for women and corrects posture. 

      Proper posture looks a lot more charismatic and self-confident

      Why Posture Feminine?

      POSTURE IMPROVING UNDERGARMENT: Strengthens your muscles over time and decreases slouching, slumping and hunching. 

      COMFORTABLE AND DISCRETE: Designed like a bolero, it is a comfortable beauty accessory to wear discreetly at the office, on the go, or traveling.

      IMPROVED CONFIDENCE: Improved posture gives you confidence and poise anywhere at any time.

      EASY TO USE: Take off and adjust with the help of its adjustable strap.

      Posture Feminine is the first posture trainer designed specifically for women! It is extremely discreet and comfortable to wear under clothing, similar to underwear


        The back muscles are activated and the chest pushes forward, allowing the neck and shoulders to relax.

        Sizing Chart:

        S-M:  US: 0-4
        M-L:  US: 6-10
        L-XL: US 12-16

          Posture Feminine and Posture Flexi Posture Correctors: