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      Vionic Shoes Clearance SALE

      Vionic Shoes Clearance SALE |

       Vionic Shoes are now on SALE!

      Vionic shoes are now on sale at discount shoe prices in our online shoe store! These great designer shoes are at the lowest prices you’ll ever see. Vionic shoes are orthotic shoes known for their comfort, support, and superior quality. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a pair today!round toe We have shoes for women of all styles. Get your summer shoes now and beat the shopping rush! Wedges, sandals, athletic shoes and dress shoes are now on sale at the lowest prices you’ll find online. Find your perfect fit today and wear them in every color!

      If you are looking for the perfect colored shoe to go with your spring outfit, look no further! Pink shoes, green shoes, white shoes, gold shoes, silver shoes…you name it, we have it for sale! Even premium leather shoes are on clearance for a limited time only. So, get yours now!

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      Men’s shoes are on sale now, too! Sports shoes, sneakers, boots and more are on sale at the cheapest discount shoe prices. Even Vionic slippers are now on clearance! These comfortable shoes won’t last long at these prices, so start shopping today.

      Whether you’re looking for the perfect casual shoe, the best dress shoes or easy slip-on shoes, you’ll find them all. This shoe sale won’t come around again, so find your perfect shoes today on our website! Orders over $35 receive free shipping!round toe HOW CAN VIONIC SHOES HELP YOU?

      Your foot pain from wearing the wrong shoes should not hold you back from your next adventure. Whether you are looking for comfortable shoes for all-day wear, comfortable men’s dress shoes, women’s casual sneakers, or even a pair of beach flip flops, Vionic has the shoes you didn’t know you needed.


      Five healthy tips for preventing or reducing plantar fasciitis

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      Wearing orthopedic shoes or Orthotic Inserts is an easy, effective method of naturally realigning the foot. A groundbreaking study shows Vionic sandals effectively alleviate heel pain.* Worn consistently throughout the day, orthotic support is a great first step in the short-term treatment of plantar fasciitis.

      Keeping your calf muscles limber helps to reduce the strain on the plantar fascia. To stretch your calves and Achilles tendon, stand on the edge of a step, resting your weight on the balls of your feet. Bend your knees for 25 seconds and then straighten. Perform up to five repetitions whenever tightening occurs.

      While seated and barefoot, squeeze your foot as if you have a small marble under the ball of your foot. If you just happen to have a few marbles handy, you can actually practice picking them up between your toes and ball of your foot – and then set them down again. This stretches and helps strengthen the muscles that run under metatarsals (the longest bones in the foot which create its arched shape).

      If you're a runner, a tried and true method of preventing over-use injuries is to only increase your mileage by 10% weekly, max. If you’re new to a walking program, the same caution should be exercised.

      5- ICE AND REST
      After mild stretching, use a frozen water bottle to roll under the arch of your foot for 10-20 minutes. It may be possible to make an active recovery by wearing Orthaheel Technology to keep your feet naturally aligned, therefore reducing strain on the plantar fascia, while moving throughout your day.

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      An innovative approach to foot health,
      Vionic conceals biomechanical technology into each shoe. 
      All-day comfort is a difference you can feel.

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      The science of style with maximum comfort

      Too often, supportive shoes for women come at the expense of style, forcing you to choose between comfort and appearance. At Vionic, we’re disrupting the footwear space by transforming how people view women’s shoes. Vionic unites comfort and style, offering shoes for women in the season’s most coveted trends - all built with superior arch support and high-quality materials to support all-day wear.

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