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Swedish Posture Mini Gym & Swedish Posture Workout Band:

The Home Gym Kit includes two fitness tools that will create a gym experience in your own home. Both products are portable and can be used in any space for a full body workout. 

Swedish Posture Mini Gym:

unique combination of familiar tools from the gym combined together in a portable mini gym. It gives you a full body workout anytime, anywhere. It provides functional resistance training in the office, at home or on the road. 

The short elastic band is used for leg exercises. The long elastic resistance band has multiple loops and handles that customizes resistance and length. Regardless of level, this provides a perfect challenge for anyone. The telescope bar turns the resistance band into a barbell and the door anchor makes combinations of exercises nearly endless.

Swedish Posture Workout Band:

A resistance band made of woven elastic and loops for an individualized challenge. Resistance, number of repetitions and intensity in the exercises is up to you.

FULL BODY WORKOUT – Gives you a full body workout in your home, park, office or anywhere! 

IMPROVED POSTURE – We advise you to use for 2-10 minutes twice a day for a stronger body and improved posture.


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