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      Blackroll Groove Pro Training + Recovery = Success


      • The BLACKROLL GROOVE PRO has a high density level. During fast rolling, the grooves on the surface cause a slight vibration effect, supporting blood circulation of the tissues during activation. This helps to stimulate the receptors in the connective tissues and muscles in the leg muscles.

      Warning: the roller is very hard, so it is recommended only for prosecutor and advanced rollers.

      Experts from sports and medicine and top athletes recommend the use of the Blackroll Groove Pro

      • Blackroll is the ideal component to traditional treatments such as classical physiotherapy, osteopathy or connective tissue massage.
      • Blackroll is the ideal instrument for recovery and self-massage with the goal of relaxing the connective tissue of muscles and muscle groups.
      • Blackroll helps prevent muscle soreness and improves muscle recovery to increase performance.


      • 50% harder than all other foam rollers we carry
      • For intensive applications
      • Strong massage effect
      • Made in Germany
      • Environmentally friendly, energy-saving production
      • Up to 100% recyclable material
      • Free of propellant gases
      • Free of other chemical propellants
      • Odor-free
      • Not soluble in water
      • Easy to clean
      • Easy to sterilize