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Swedish Posture Digital Cordless Jump Rope

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Swedish Posture Jump Rope Digital Cordless Skipping Rope

A digital jump rope that encourages you to move regularly without the coordination skills or space that is usually needed with regular skipping ropes. Posture Jump has no actual rope, only handles, which makes jumping much easier while providing the same workout.

Posture Jump User Guide:

  • Digital cordless jump rope.
  • Built with a time, calorie and jump counter.
  • Can be used anywhere - in an office, at home or traveling. 
  • Increases bone density, burns calories, improves concentration and activates heart rate and lung capacity.
  • Jump for 90 seconds or more regularly for positive health effects.
  • Use daily: Adding movement into your life has never been easier.

Additional information:

  • Material: CE-certified
  • Color: Grey

Posture Jump Instruction Video:


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