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      The Blackroll SUPER BANDS are a real asset to functional training
      The Band is available in three different colors and strengths:
      • Orange = Light
      • Green = Medium
      • Blue = Strong
      • Variety makes functional training as versatile as possible and to set different resistance levels.

      Better Posture and Flexibility:

      Whether you want to exercise at home, at the gym, in the hotel or in the office - the BLACKROLL® exercise band is your constant companion! The bands are also suitable for the therapeutic area to support the rehabilitation of injuries.

      Due to the versatile use of the BLACKROLL® SUPER BANDS and the targeted stabilization of the upper body, the BLACKROLL® sports band is especially suitable for people with sedentary activities, who often suffer from muscular tension, neck and back pain.

      Regular training with the BLACKROLL® training band promotes upright posture. The strengthening and stretching movements also provide better flexibility, which is why the muscles feel much more relaxed afterwards.

      The Blackroll SUPER BANDS are a real asset to functional training

      What Exercises Can You Do With Supre Bands:

      • Training with the BLACKROLL® bands is not only fun - it is also incredibly effective. Rowing, pull-ups and pushups are easily possible. You can also use the exercise bands to strengthen your legs, shoulders and arms.
      • BLACKROLL® bands are available either individually or as a set in order to steadily expand the training range. Beginners should start with low resistance and increase the intensity slowly.

        Product Information:

        • 1 x SUPER BAND - Blue - Fitness Band.
        • 1 x SUPER BAND - Orange - Fitness Band.
        • 1 x SUPER BAND - Blue - Fitness Band.
        • Dimensions: 40 in x 1 in.
        • Made in Germany.
        • Unique patented textile material for pleasant training comfort.
        • Suitable for people with allergies – no skin contact with rubber or latex.
        • Pleasant haptics.
        • Robust and absolutely resistant material.
        • Washable (60°) with commercially available detergents.
        • Do not use fabric softener.
        • Iron at low temperature (level 1).
        • Dry at low temperature (level 1).
        • Do not wash with chlorine, do not dry clean.
        • Long exposure to direct sunlight will age the material more quickly.