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Bob's BareFoots Best SolarCal-D Marine Coral Calcium plus Vitamin D, 90 Tablets each, Pack of 3

Brand: Bob's Best

Bob Barefoot is an accomplished chemist, author and product formulator who has a mission to teach America how to heal itself. If you have not tried one of Bob's products before, you really can't understand the effect that supplying your body with essential minerals can have. Mineral deficiency is a major factor in many of the most common degenerative diseases currently plaguing America.* Each bottle of SolarCal-D contains 90 capsules of pure high grade Okinawa marine coral calcium and vitamin d3 in the correct balance to ensure optimal absorption.

Supply your body with these three essential elements. Calcium - Required by the body for healthy teeth, bones, and hundreds of biological functions including generating the electrical energy for your heart beat and the buffering of acidic body fluids. Magnesium - Essential for calcium absorption and over 300 biological body funtions. Magnesium deficiency is believed to be another significant issue for many people world wide.* Vitamin D3 - Also essential for calcium absorption. Vitamin D deficiency as described in the New Book by Robert Barefoot called "The Disease Conspiracy" The FDA Suppression of Cures", could make a real impact in the lives of millions.


• High quality Coral Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D

• Each bottle contains 90 capsules pure coral calcium and vitamin d3

• Composed of a perfect balance to ensure optimal absorption


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