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Brand: Blackroll
Category: Resistance Band

Swedish Posture Workout Band & BLACKROLL® Loop Band Set

Swedish Posture Workout Band:

A resistance band made of woven elastic and loops for an individualized challenge. Resistance, number of repetitions and intensity in the exercises is up to you.

  • The workout band is a textile elastic cord that has loops for good grip and individual resistance.
  • The exercise band, long and short, gives you a variety of exercises for a full body workout.
  • Includes a door anchor for resistance training in your door frame.
  • Includes an exercise inspiration guide.

BLACKROLL® Loop Band Set

BLACKROLL® LOOP BANDS (11.8 in) are especially good for training smaller muscle chains, leading to better body stability and reduced risk of injury. The natural rubber, skin-friendly textiles offers all the advantages of flexible pieces of training equipment without the unpleasant pulling of the skin.

The BLACKROLL® LOOP BAND SET contains 3 different bands with different stretchability and resistance: orangelight; greenmedium; bluestrong.

How To Use Loop Bands:


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