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HighRoller Tube Foam Roller

Brand: HighRoller
Category: Foam Roller

HighRoller Tube Foam Roller

HighRoller's foam roller, without the elevation. It is designed specifically for improving flexibility, mobility and the economy of movement. This high density foam roller is wider than conventional foam rollers to cover large areas. This roller can also be used as a replacement tube for the elevated HighRoller:

Why Foam Roll?

  • Based on massage techniques and dynamic flexible training.
  • Improves blood circulation, muscle metabolism and relaxes soft tissues.
  • Correct rolling opens you adnate fascia and returns shortened muscles back to normal length.
  • Decreases the risk of sprains, injuries and relives chronic pain.
  • Product can be used with prescribed physical therapy exercises.

Product Features:

  • Retains shape after normal heavy use.
  • Weight Limit: 120kg (265lb)
  • One year warranty


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