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Fascia Relief Kit

Brand: Blackroll
Category: Foam Roller


We bundled two of our favorite muscle pain relief tools to help massage fascia tissue correctly and effectively. 


The stimulation of surface fascia with the BLACKROLL® NEEDLEROLLER has a variety of effects. The nerve endings in the skin and upper layers of the fascia are stimulated. For chronic pain, this can break the pain feedback loops. The tissues will be optimally prepared for subsequent therapeutic treatments. The tingling, perfusion-supporting effect is felt immediately, and pain sensitivity is significant reduced after just a short period of use. In combination with treatment of deeper layers of tissue, the BLACKROLL® NEEDLEROLLER can regulate the production of collagen and elastin.

  • Stimulation of the surface fascia layers
  • You'll feel the tingling, perfusion-supporting effect immediately
  • Pain sensitivity is reduced
  • Can regulate collagen and elastin production


The BLACKROLL® DUOBALL 08 is particularly good for massaging parallel lines of muscles, for example next to the thoracic and neck vertebrae.

  • Even more effective massage by keeping distance between the balls
  • Ideal for treatment of parallel lines of muscles in the neck and back, since the gap is gentle on bony structures
  • Also perfect for massaging shoulders, arms, and legs



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