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      Advantages of the Smoove Board:

      The SMOOVE BOARD consists of an innovative SmartLite foam, which is also known from sports shoes. The standing pad is pleasantly soft, highly elastic and at the same time withstands any load. The material has a pressure-relieving effect on your entire body, especially in the back and legs, and thus helps as an anti-fatigue mat at the standing desk. The footpad's ergonomic surface is textured to stimulate your feet and encourage movement.

      The smaller grooves activate the soles of the feet, the larger curves on the front can be used for calf stretching. Your big toes can play with and grip the gap in the middle. This is how you strengthen your muscles. What can edges on the sides of the standing mat do for you? They allow you to rock. This will get you moving and stimulate your circulation.

      The fascial tools that you get with the standing mat for your workplace offer your feet stretching, movement and massage. And further? They keep your fascia supple and you can use them to specifically dissolve pain points by applying pressure to them. The tools also offer you the opportunity to change your standing position in a variety of ways:

      roll out your feet with the MINI, place your heel on the BALL for a comfortable stretch or stimulate your feet with the TWISTER. By the way: It is most comfortable if you use the SMOOVE BOARD barefoot or with socks - especially if you want to massage or stretch your feet on the standing surface. But it can also be used with shoes. Because you stand more comfortably on the Balance Mat than on the hard floor,

      Variety of exercises with the BLACKROLL® Smoove Board:

      If you change posture about two to three times an hour, just stand for twenty minutes and move around, you will get your circulation going, burn calories, be more concentrated, more productive and not only physically but also mentally fitter. Much like on a balance board. The exercises on the BLACKROLL® SMOOVE BOARD can be easily integrated into everyday life, because you are subconsciously encouraged to move more when you stand on your standing mat. Whether at home or in the office. Comfort, activation and prevention.

      These are possible ways in which you can use the SMOOVE BOARD: In comfort mode you stand comfortably and relieves pressure on your anti-fatigue mat and can gently shift your weight and adopt different foot positions. In activation mode, you set the balance pad in motion by rocking it. You can alternately rock left and right, back and forth or with your feet offset. The SMOOVE BOARD enables prevention through stretching exercises and massage units with the integrated fascia tools BALL 08, MINI and TWISTER, but also through the toe gap. Just do what you feel like doing. The main thing is that you keep moving and the anti-fatigue mat lives up to its name.