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      Small & Handy for Feet & Arms:

      The lightweight recovery tool in mini format is ideal for relieving tension. Due to the length of 15cm, the small fascia roller is particularly suitable for self-massage on arms and feet - on the road or in the office.

      Especially in everyday life, the BLACKROLL® MINI can be used particularly well: especially office workers benefit, for example, from an occasional short massage of the forearms or the soles of the feet, which can prevent or relieve tension. 

      Useful information:


      • Odor-free.
      • Not soluble in water.
      • Easy to clean.
      • Easy to sterilize.

      Made in Germany:

      • The highest product quality.
      • Product protected by trademark.
      • Quality management in compliance with DIN ISO 9001:2000.


      • Environmentally friendly, energy-saving production.
      • Up to 100% recyclable material.
      • Free of propellant gases.
      • Free of other chemical propellants.

      Scope of Delivery

      • 1 x BLACKROLL® MINI in your selected color combination.

      Size & Weight

      • 15 cm x 6 cm, 18 g.