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      The BLACKROLL MINI FLOW fascia roll is not only significantly smaller than the BLACKROLL FIBRIC CHAIN ??STANDARD - it is also more handy. This small fascia roll is a further development of the BLACKROLL MINI fascia roll to release fascia adhesions and muscle tension and to stimulate the circulation of tense areas. Whether you're traveling or sitting in front of the computer screen, the fascia roll is the perfect companion. Because of its size, the mini roll fits into any handbag, travel bag or trouser pocket, so you can use it everywhere when you need a massage.

      Small & Handy: The Advantages Of A Blackroll Mini Flow Fascia Roller

      In contrast to the Blackroll STANDARD fascia roller, the small fascia roller is much easier to handle. It is only 15 inches long, with a diameter of 6 centimeters. The small Blackroll MINI FLOW fascia roll is a real lightweight, making handling incredibly easy.

      If you know the Blackroll MINI fascia roll, you will love the effect of the Blackroll MINI FLOW fascia roll. This Faszienrolle is namely not only available in five lively colors, but also with a textured surface, the two functions agreed. Due to the structuring, you achieve a double effect with the Blackroll MINI FLOW fascia roll, because it is not only suitable for regeneration.

      You can use the mini-fascia roll primarily to treat smaller, filigree muscles that are hard to reach with a larger fascia roll. The Blackroll MINI FLOW FASCINE ROLLER seems to be perfect for self-massage of the lower and upper arms, calves, Achilles tendons and soles. Not to mention the small back muscles that extend next to the spine.

      Fascia Massage With The Blackroll Mini Flow Fascia Roller

      For people with sedentary activities sitting in front of the computer screen all day, self-massage is a real treat. Anyone who also uses the Blackroll STANDARD fascia roll at home can multiply the massaging effect with the FLOW MINI fascia roll.

      The Blackroll MINI FLOW fascia roller is incredibly effective. Not only at home - the MINI fascia roll is also suitable for traveling. Your own body weight is sufficient to increase the pressure on the tissue to be massaged. This is done either on the wall, on a table or on the floor to massage the shoulders, arms, soles, calves or Achilles tendons.

      Functional fascia training or regeneration: The exercises with the Blackroll MINI FLOW fascia roller are easy to learn and can be performed almost anywhere. As you actively perform the fascia massage, you can also improve the mobility of your muscles.