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        The Blackroll SUPER BANDS are a real asset to functional training.

        Your gym in a bag: Training band for core and strength training.

        The BLACKROLL® SUPER BAND is ideal for improving body stability and coordination through a specific core training as well as belly, back and torso training. It can be used to help strengthen all muscle groups and chains. It is the compromise between the MULTI and the RESIST BAND. For full body workout– especially core, belly, back and torso. Also suitable for the training of legs, shoulders and arms. The SUPER BAND is available in 3 different strengths: light (orange), medium(green) and strong (blue). The BLACKROLL® SUPER BANDS are individually available and in a set with all three strengths.

        Super Soft on the Skin:

        The SUPER BAND is exceptionally elastic and made from a tear-resistant, pleasant natural textile fiber and rubber. It is skin friendly and compared to other training bands, it feels super soft on the skin. Perfect for people with a sensitive skin or allergies. No reddening and irritation of the skin.

        The Blackroll SUPER BANDS are a real asset to functional training. The tear-resistant, stretchy and extremely flexible fitness straps have been specially developed to stabilize the entire core musculature. Due to the natural fibers used, the washable, skin-friendly material of our Blackroll sports bands feels pleasantly soft. The targeted training of the abdominal, back and trunk muscles improves the posture and mobility of muscles and joints. To make the training as varied as possible, the Blackroll Training Band comes in three different colors and strengths, which you can combine as you like.