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Swedish Posture Mini Gym Full Body Exercise Fitness Kit

unique combination of familiar tools from the gym combined together in a portable mini gym. It gives you a full body workout anytime, anywhere. It provides functional resistance training in the office, at home or on the road. 

How to use:

The short elastic band is for leg exercises. The long elastic resistance band has multiple loops and handles that customizes resistance and length. Regardless of level, this provides a perfect challenge for anyone. The telescope bar turns the resistance band into a barbell and the door anchor makes combinations of exercises nearly endless.

Why Posture Mini Gym?

NON-ALLERGIC - The woven elastics are non-allergic, washable and long lasting.

HEALTHY LIFE - The human body is built for movement. Let daily exercise become a natural part of your life.

IMPROVED CONFIDENCE – Improved posture makes you radiate body confidence and poise at all times.

    Additional Product Information:

    • Material CE-certified: Elastan, Cotton, Aluminium
    • Exercise guide included
    • Size: Long elastic band: 2ft, telescope bar 20 - 45"
    • Color: Black

    Posture Mini Gym Video:


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