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Swedish Posture Balance Core Trainer

A fitness balance seat for active sitting and effective core muscle exercise. Improves stability, body alignment and posture.

Why Posture Balance Core Trainer? 

POSTURE AND CORE EXERCISE – Encourages you to exercise your core and posture. By balancing, you improve movement and flexibility.

BE MORE PRODUCTIVE – Correct posture is always important. It affects body language, mood and results, as well as increases your well being and decreases stress levels. It helps to deeply strengthen your back and core muscles.

Balance Core Trainer Info:

  • A training tool that strengthens your core muscles and improves hip mobility.
  • Place on any seat, chair or sofa; it’s not dependent on the surface.
  • Using the core trainer has a similar effect to sitting on a Pilates ball.
  • More unstable than a pilates ball which encourages you to use your core muscles more. It’s also takes up less space.

Additional information:

  • Color: Black
  • Material: MDF wood, soft seat of fabric savage, rubber and steel.
  • Weight: 3.6lb
  • Packaging and size: 31.5 × 31.5 × 11.5, Soft seat 11.8" in diameter, soft seat height 1.2", total height 4.1"

Active Sitting Video:

Instruction Video

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