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Shipping & Payment

How do you ship?

When do you ship?

What are shipping charges?

What if my tracking number indicates deliveres, but I didn't receive my package?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Returns & Refunds

What is your return policy?

When will I receive a refund?

What if I don't see my refund?

Can I return a sale item?

Can I exchange for something else?

Can I return a gift?

Where do I ship my return to?

Swedish Posture

How do I wash my posture garments?

How do posture correctors work?

When should I not be using Swedish Posture products?

How is the quality of Swedish Posture assured?

What's the difference between Swedish Posture and other brands?

My Swedish Posture garment is causing chafing or is uncomfortable, what should I do?

What are Swedish Posture products made of?

How much should I tighten my Swedish Posture product?


How much weight can HighRoller handle?

How high is HighRoller?

Is there a height limit using HighRoller?

Are there any instructional videos on how to use the HighRoller?


Will HighBaller help with posture problems?

Should I use HighBaller if i'm not an athlete?

What's the weight limit for using HighBaller?

Are there any instructional videos on how to use the HighBaller?


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